Network Address Translation Primer

All ePackages are sent with recorded delivery to the Device where a VePost user has logged in. The delivery options available to you, and the quantity/size of files that can be sent in one direct call, may depend on the version of VePost that you have
The sender will get direct confirmation of all ePackages that have been sent successfully. This “Proof of Delivery” information will also be available in the senders on-line account portal.
When the receiver eventually “opens” the ePackage, the senders on-line “Proof of Delivery” will be updated accordingly with acknowledgement that the receiver has “read” the relevant ePackage.
All ePackages remain on the receiver Device in a secure, encrypted state, and will only get de-crypted when the receiver chooses to “open” the ePackage. The receiver must use the VePost software on that Device, and be logged in, to select and “open” any ePackages that they would have received on that Device.
Normal Post

Can be opened by ANY person at that Device whilst the receiver VePost is logged-in.

Can be opened ONLY by a person at that Device who also knows their VePost user password.
Registered Enhanced

Can be opened on the receiving Device ONLY by the person to whom you have separately informed of whatever Unique code you create to send with your ePackage. Depending on the destination VePost settings, the receiving Person may, in addition, also be required to insert their VePost user password, before an ePackage can be de-crypted and opened.

All IP traffic direct between two clients.
Full NAT traversal, compatible with existing routers.

No hosting of IP-to-IP bandwidth traffic

Our patented “e2e Technology” is an IP signalling method for enabling communication between two network nodes via a Network Address Translation device (NAT)

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